Space Transformations & Testimonials

Our Track Record of Excellence

I’m fully committed to my clients, and am happy to accommodate my services in order to fit their needs. The work I’ve undertaken is a testament to my high standards as a qualified Professional Organizer. Have a look at some of my latest jobs below.

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Home Office

Re-Imagine Space

We updated this space to meet the requirements of a professional mother who found herself working from home four days a week.  We optimized the use of products she purchased and created systems to keep paper and stationary off the desktop and tucked away.


Clutter No More

Entertainment Nook

This project is a successful execution of the Sort - Edit - Store process we use and the results speak for themselves! These home owners can now enjoy the space as they had envisioned when they purchased the home.


Reach-in Pantry

Organization on a Budget

This project is a great example of what I can provide on a budget. This client's budget for product was only $100 but the results were outstanding! If you need something similar, let me know and I’ll be happy to put a personalized proposal together for you.


Reach-in Pantry

Grouping Like Items

This project is a perfect example of the power of grouping items in a pantry. If you’re looking for a Professional Organizer with the skills and know-how to tackle any job, please get in touch.


Cupboard Transformation

Quick Edit

This demonstrates how a quick edit and grouping can create an aesthetically pleasing space.


Walk-In Closet

Making Space for Two

The goal in this space was to make room for another occupant. During a quick three-hour session we were able to take the first steps towards a shared space.


Walk In Closet

Step-by-Step Process

In this closet we executed the SORT - EDIT - STORE process to reduce clutter and maximize space.


Walk-in Closet

Great Results

While the particular needs of my clients may vary, the experience, skills, and professional approach I bring to each project always ensure I get the job done right.


Basement Storage 

Decluttering and Organizing

This basement storage area had turned into a dumping ground for a variety of items.  We purged and categorized, returning only things that are required by the homeowner. 


Weatherproof Storage

Ensure Integrity Long Term

All storage solutions will ensure they maintain the integrity of the items that hold them.  The best storage for basements and garages are weatherproof.


Maximize the Space You Have

Sort - Edit - Store Success

This project is a great example of what our process yields.  When clothing is no longer needed, you just need a gentle push to bid them farewell.  After you let go you are left with room to grow.


Love notes my customers send me


This was a 10 (plus) year project, Kira.  You wrapped it up in a week.  Thank you so much!

Thelma J., Toronto ON

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