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Space Transformations & More

Our Track Record of Excellence

I’m fully committed to my clients, and am happy to accommodate my services in order to fit their needs. The work I’ve undertaken is a testament to my high standards as a qualified Professional Organizer. Have a look at some of my latest jobs below and a snapshot of my Instagram feed!

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Form and Function by Kira is a top professional organizer in the Ajax, ON professional organizers directory on

Full Kitchen Transformation

Oakville, ON

When you pull everything out of your kitchen cupboards, you will be surprised at the amount of space you have for the things you need.
Completely emptying the space you want to organize is an important and often underestimated step when decluttering. It can become overwhelming but when you work with a system and have a clear goal the results are amazing.
We were pleased with the results of this project, the second of three we completed for this busy professional mom. 

 Organizing on a Budget

Oshawa, ON

In this set of cupboards we used simple and inexpensive product to categorize and group like items together.

 A neat and streamlined look is possible and there is no need to spend a ton on product, the process remains the same.  This client's budget for product was only $100 but the results were outstanding! If you need something similar, let me know and I’ll be happy to put a personalized proposal together for you.

Cupboard Transformation

Ajax, ON

This demonstrates how a quick edit and grouping can create an aesthetically pleasing space.

Small Pantry Purge and Organization

Ajax, ON

We used a number of organization solutions in this space including bins, baskets and containers.

Reach-in Pantry Grouping and Sorting

Ajax, ON

We have raised this pantry cupboard a notch by deploying decanting to create a uniform look.
Everything is labeled and there is no guessing what is running low in the pantry.
Does the idea of decanting an entire pantry from scratch seem daunting, but you love the uniform look of a decanted pantry? Reach out to us! 

Closet Staging to Sell

Richmond Hill, ON

When this couple decided to move, their organization goals changed and we pivoted to deliver what the client needed.

Little Ladies Closet

Ajax, ON

This project is a great example of what I can provide. It really highlights my skills and professionalism. If you need something similar, let me know and I’ll be happy to put a personalized proposal together for you.

Sexy Closet Transformation

Markham, ON

The closet is a sample of the full bedroom transformation we completed for a busy entrepreneur and mom.

Upgrading Her Closet

Ajax, ON

Our client needed to maximize the use of the built-ins for her extensive jewelry collection.  We used stackable storage to maximize vertical space.

Shared Walk-In Closet

Brampton, ON

Organize your closet as quick as it takes for the beat to drop. Ok maybe not that quick but I can get most walk-in closets organized in nine hours.

Making Space for Two

Brampton, ON

The goal in this closet was to make more room for someone moving into the space. 
Mission accomplished and once she swaps out the existing hangers for thin velvet, she will have even more space to share. We provided the new occupant a hanging closet organizer for some shoes and to store folded pants and a versatile bin on the top shelf. 
A little form and function applied and we were able to create the result my client desired!

Walk In Closet Step-by-Step Execution

Ajax, ON

In this closet we executed the SORT - EDIT - STORE process to reduce clutter and maximize space.

Walk-in Closet Great Results

Ajax, ON

Clothing hung in a rainbow on coordinated hangers.
A shelving system that tucks perfectly in the walk-in closet and provides a home for items once strewn about the closet floor.  Sentimental clothing prominently showcased. 
This gentleman can now enjoy his clothes instead of searching for them, doesn’t your man deserve the same? 
Let’s work together to elevate his space along with yours by providing a system that works with his life, not against it!

Re-Imagine Home Office

Oakville, ON

This busy professional found herself working from home four days a week and decided to maximize the solarium-turned-office.  She also wanted to ensure there was room for her daughter in the events schools close down... a reality of our times. 
Form and Function by Kira came in and created the systems she needed using containers and bins she had already bought inspired by "Get Organized".  Clear bins stored on the shelves so she can see her stock and leave space on her desktop and in the drawers for only the essentials.

Are you and your children adjusting to working from home? We can help you optimize any space to maximize productivity.

Entertainment Nook Clutter No More

Ajax, ON

Having an entertainment nook upstairs is a great feature in any home. The additional common space provides more options for a family to spend time together or use shared equipment (like a computer).
However no one wants to walk outside their bedroom and see an untidy mess in their hallway.
In this home we executed our SORT - EDIT - STORE process to create form and function for the owners.
Notice the space on the bookshelves - they don’t have solid sides or back and the width is only one foot.
Using baskets allows the space to be used functionally with a cleaner aesthetic.
A stunning transformation of your entertainment space is possible too.

Room to Process Library Archives

Toronto, ON

We spent a few days completing what this retired librarian has spent the last decade working on.
Her daughter-in-law reached out to me to help her corral the documents and books that were scattered throughout the home and create a system for the archiving process.  We categorized the books and documents, purging many, and then found the appropriate storage for them.
This project took us 24 hours to complete and we were able to leave her the space to process and archive her collection, sending them to their final destinations in library archives across North America.
This was one of our favourite projects; we thoroughly enjoyed browsing though the rich history of the artifacts and finding out things about the city we grew up in we didn't know before!

Prepping A Home for Sale

Scarborough, ON

This house had been built by the grandfather of the current owner and bought by him and his wife.
Grandad had a workshop in the basement with all his tools and hardware that had accumulated over decades. He also loved to make wine so the workshop had over 100 unopened bottles. 
The owners decided to list and their agent reached out to us to help them declutter the workshop, as well as another space in the basement being used in as a games room, so it can be ready for showings. 
We managed the disposal of everything not wanted - including the wine - and packed away all the tools for the family. There were even tools and hardware hanging from the ceiling!
We left a few items on display to stage the rooms and made the space ready for potential buyers to see the potential.

Basement Storage Declutter

Ajax, ON

This basement storage area had turned into a dumping ground for a variety of items.  We purged and categorized, returning only things that are required by the homeowner. 

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